Pair of red and gold parrots with long tailfeathers
Collectors of tropical bird art will love these splendid parrot sculptures with gold decorative details, handcrafted in finest coloured Murano...
Aventurine and black toucans
These characterful toucans have been hand-produced in gorgeous aventurine. This glass glitters, as it contains tiny flecks of copper. This...
Red and gold parrot on a crystal base
A spectacular large parrot sculpture, hand-produced in a fabulous red and gold Murano glass, with a solid crystal base. Height...
Collectable Murano glass toucan sculpture
This beautiful hand-made Murano glass toucan is full of colour, clarity and dazzling detail. Its not only the perfect gift...
Colourful and modern Murano glass toucans
The ancient Murano glass tradition is expressed here with a modern interpretation in these flamboyant and colourful toucan sculptures. These...
Colourful modern Murano glass toucan
This very stylish and flamboyant toucan sculpture, handblown in colourful Murano glass, has a very modern twist. Height 29cm
Colourful parrots on branch
These fantastic glass parrots sharing a branch are a truly splendid example of Murano and Venetian tropical bird art. Colourful...
Large Murano glass cockatoo sculpture
This vibrant Murano glass cockatoo figurine is exquisitely handcrafted on the tiny Venetian island of Murano. With its bright colours...
Large Murano glass parrot figurine
This vibrant Murano glass parrot is handcrafted by a Venetian glass master. With its bright colours and dazzling detail, it...