'Sbruffi' bottle in four colours
Who can resist this fabulous scent bottle, available in the range of beautiful colours shown here? Hand-produced by the 'sbruffi'...
'Tape' sculpture in Calcedonio glass
This gorgeous abstract 'tape' sculpture stands at eighty centimetres in height. Handcrafted in glorious Calcedonio glass, it would make an...
70 cm Murano glass owl sculpture on base
Venetian glass owl is 70 cm Murano glass owl sculpture on base.
Abstract 'curl' in crystal and gold
Another impressive and perfectly-formed abstract curl, this time in fine Murano crystal with gold, on a solid black glass base....
Abstract 'Pica' woman in gold
This fabulous abstract female figure has been hand-produced in gold Murano glass with lively contrasting colours, using the 'pica' technique....
Abstract curl in Calcedonio glass
A very lovely abstract sculpture representing a curl, handsculpted in stunning Calcedonio glass on a solid black glass base. Most...
Amber glass tablesticks in two designs
Elegant candleholders in finest coloured amber Murano glass, part of our range of traditional and classic luxury tableware. Available in...
Amber sommerso vases
These fabulous speckled vases in two designs would sit well with any modern decor. Hand-crafted in crystal and amber coloured...
Amethyst diamond-cut vase
A beautiful vase in amethyst glass, blown into shape and hand-cut with a diamond wheel. Designed and crafted by Venetian...