Murano glass buffalo in Calcedonio
A superb sculpture of a buffalo, handmade in clear crystal and Calcedonio glass, with its distinctive multi-coloured veins. For this...
Murano glass pig
An appealing little pig, handmade in black Murano glass with gold decorative details. Very affordable and collectable. Height: 7cm
Murano glass mice in grey and amber
These sweet little mouse sculptures have been hand-produced in sublime Murano glass, with black tails and decorations, and are available...
Rabbit with murrines
A sweet and colourful little glass ornamental rabbit, handblown in Murano glass with murrines or millefiori. Murrine glass art is...
Murano glass rabbit in Calcedonio
Rabbit lovers everywhere will love this delightful Murano glass rabbit sculpture. Hand-crafted in finest Calcedonio glass, this is a delightful...
Murano glass bull with 24 carat gold
This magnificent bull is handblown in luxury Murano crystal with 24 carat gold throughout. Measuring over half a metre in...
Murano glass bison in Calcedonio glass
A splendid hand-made sculpture of a bison in magnificent Calcedonio glass. Metals such as copper and zinc are mixed with...
Murano crystal chiselled bison sculpture
This magnificent handblown crystal bison is a first-class example of prestige Murano glass art. The chiselled effect is also created...