Green murano glass birds on a low branch
These sweet garden birds are hand-made in green glass, with striped-effect wings, and sit on a low crystal branch with...
Murano glass branch with 6 birds
These colourful birds are all handcrafted from sublime Murano glass using the 'massello' technique, which involves sculpting a solid mass...
Collectable Murano glass owl sculpture
This delightful keepsake is a Murano glass collectable owl, delicately hand-crafted by a Venetian glass master. With its vibrant colours,...
Collectable Murano glass dove sculpture
This is a charming figure of a dove, created in Murano glass on the tiny Venetian island. It will be...
Large Murano glass owl figurine
This is a lovely Venetian owl figurine, hand sculpted on the tiny island of Murano. A perfect gift for collectors...
70 cm Murano glass owl sculpture on base
Venetian glass owl is 70 cm Murano glass owl sculpture on base.
Murano glass tree with 9 birds
This glass sculpture of a tree with nine colourful birds on its branches is absolutely out of this world! Standing...
Owl with murrines
A sweet and colourful collectable glass owl, hand-made with murrines, or 'millefiori'. This is one of the most popular forms...
Lace dove
An exquisite sculpture of a dove, hand-blown in finest Murano glass with a very intricate lace design. This would make...