Murano glass octopus
A striking sculpture of an octopus, hand-blown in beautiful blue and green Murano glass. Height: 26cm
Murano glass turtles in Calcedonio
A delightful ornamental sculpture of two swimming turtles, hand-crafted in Calcedonio glass on a clear crystal base. Calcedonio glass is...
Murano glass turtles in black and speckled amber
These charming turtle sculptures have been hand-produced in gorgeous black and speckled amber Murano glass. Also available to buy separately....
Murano glass turtle in Calcedonio
A very appealing sculpture of a turtle in a gorgeous dark blue Calcedonio glass, hand-blown by master craftsmen on the...
Murano glass turtle
Hand-crafted on the island of Murano, this exquisite Calcedonio glass turtle sculpture has been inspired by the beauty of the...
Murano glass dolphins with 24 carat gold
These impressive dolphins are handblown with 24 carat gold inserted into pure Murano crystal and sit on a gold-plated stand....
Murano glass coffee table with gold turtles
This coffee table is a truly impressive piece of handcrafted Murano glass art, featuring a pair of swimming turtles in...